Owning a car is one of the major dreams for every individual. For a happy and safe drive with your owned car regular maintenance of the car is essential. Transmission is the most important part of the car which makes your drive safe and smooth. To maintain, repair and install the transmission for your car in Sydney Len Voss Automatics and Protune shop was started by Richard King who has 20 years experience in Transmission services.

We are the one stop shop for all types of transmission services which include:

  • Fluid Change for every 20,000km to 40,000km depending on transmission type.
  • Plug in computer scanner to check the car's computer data and code information, note any trouble codes listed.
  • Clear/reset computer codes.
  • Drain Trans oil/remove the oil pan.
  • Check for metal/debris in the oil pan.

We are famous for our protune service which not only includes transmission service but also complete servicing of your car. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will take time to explain about your car condition and advices you about the parts that should be replaced and parts that can wait till nest service. As prevention is better we advice you when to schedule maintenance and save your money. You can bring your car to our shop if

  • it has broken down
  • making unusual noises
  • leaking oil
  • difficult to start
  • wandering on the road
  • using excess fuel

We go for a test drive on each vehicle to observe the condition and sounds in the car. Then we make a note about the problems and rectify them. After completion we again go for a test drive to make sure that all the problems are solved. To ensure the quality in our service we provide the up-to-date and latest technology equipment for the transmission service. To avail our services and the special voucher for your service please visit http://lenvossautomatics.com.au/